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Bread token

Public Submission
Central Bakery, Tweed, Ontario
1906 - 1916
Materials & techniques
Aluminum; Casting, stamping(?)
Central Bakery, David Beatty (1860 - 1919)
Tweed & Area Heritage Centre
When the Heritage Centre received this artifact, it brought back memories. When I was a wee lad (late 1940s/early 1950s) my mother would send me to Blakely's Bake Shop in Tweed to fetch "a half loaf of bread." I would go to the shop, ask Mrs. Blakely for a half loaf of bread, pay her (15 cents, I believe), then return home with a full loaf of bread! I was puzzled that the errand was for a half loaf, but I always got a complete loaf. Only much later did I discover that two loaves were baked in a large tin, then broken apart for the "half loaf."
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