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Girl’s Outfit

Curated Submission
DIMENSIONS in centimetres
103 x 90
Materials & techniques
Commercial cotton, wool and silk fabric, sequins, glass beads; Smocked, embroidered, couched, hand-sewn, machine-sewn, machine lace
Gift of Anne Fundarek
Textile Museum of Canada T2008.22.1a-j
This fancy girl’s outfit features a light silk skirt with woollen apron embroidered at the hem, pink silk head and waist ribbons, hand-stitched white cotton blouse embellished with lace collar, sleeves and a neck ribbon, and a brocade vest. It was sent from prewar Slovakia to Canada in 1938, to 14-year-old Anne Fundarek. Anne left Czechoslovakia in 1935 with the wave of Slovakians who departed the country between the First and the Second World War. The outfit was to remind her of her homeland and extended family back in the small town of Špačince near Trnava. A photograph from her family archive shows her wearing this costume with a group of her friends in 1942 in Canada.
Today, “Špačinčanka”, a folk group in Špačince established in 1978, performs folk songs dressed in similar costumes with traditional colourful embroidery on aprons, skirts, and ribbons.
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