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Chinese Settlement Basket

Curated Submission
British Columbia, Canada
Early 1900s
DIMENSIONS in centimetres
45 x 35
Materials & techniques
Rattan; Weaving
Ken Davie
Delta Museum and Archives Society DE1976.2.17
Chinese settlement in the British Columbia Lower Mainland often resulted in unique objects that reflected the adaptation of traditional Chinese crafts to meet the community’s needs in their new environment. This basket is one such example. Made from rattan native to China, the basket is worn from heavy use. As rattan was not available in Canada, locally available reeds were used to repair it, creating a strong, durable basket for use in potato farming. When full, such baskets would be carried from the fields using a yoke across the shoulders.
Presumably, like its original owners, this basket is a unique combination of cultural experience. Over time, traditional skills were adapted to the new landscape, and new materials adopted while remaining true to original designs.
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