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Telegraph Creek: Tanning a Moose Hide

Public Submission
The dress is from my grandparents; the image is from my childhood in Northern British Columbia
Dress: unknown; embroidery: 2015
Materials & techniques
Cotton, embroidery thread; hand embroidered
Hand embroidery by Diana Weymar; Dress: unknown

This dress is from my grandparents who were from Darien, Connecticut and lived a very "civilized" lifestyle. My parents left the States in 1970 and moved to the remote community of Telegraph Creek on the Stikine River in northern British Columbia where they lived off the land for seven years.

The source of the embroidered image is a photo of my father tanning a moose hide  a skill he learned from the Tahltans. I am standing beside him with my wooden wagon and handmade doll.

It is a Canadian  and to some degree American  story about intergenerational change, survivalist and sustainable living, and narratives told through art and objects. As my father would say, "every moose has enough brains to tan its own hide."
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