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Board of Ordnance Uniform

Curated Submission
Circa 1830 - 1837
DIMENSIONS in centimetres
40 x 27
Materials & techniques
Wool, brass buttons
Niagara Historical Society and Museum 977.8
The British Board of Ordnance operated as a secondary arm of the Royal Army and Navy. This department was responsible for the supply of cannons, weapons, powder, and ammunition of all kinds. It was also in charge of the maintenance and construction of fortifications and barracks. Objects belonging to the Board of Ordnance were marked with a small arrow and "B.O." In addition to supplying materials and constructing forts, the Board of Ordnance also supplied a wide range of engineering and technical services not only to the armed forces but also to civilians. The impact of the Board of Ordnance on Canadian infrastructure cannot be understated, as it was directly involved with the construction of canals, including the Rideau and Welland Canals, which contributed greatly to the economic development of Ontario in the early 1800s.
Dating to the 1830s, this uniform was worn by William Duff, who served as the Barracks Master of Fort Malden. The Duffs were prominent early settlers of present-day Windsor, and Duff served as an Adjutant at Fort Malden in Amherstburg during the War of 1812. Of exceptional quality and in immaculate condition, Duff’s uniform has been considered the finest surviving example of its kind. Along with the uniform coat are a bicorn hat and gold epaulets in their original metal boxes. The uniform offers a glimpse into the past of an underexamined part of Canadian heritage and serves as a reminder of the Board of Ordnance’s profound impact on the development of Canada.
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